IFSTOLEN.COM ® is a free tracking service provided by IBS Security AS to all our customers and partners.

Who is IBS Security AS?
IBS is short for International Business Security. We are a norwegian AAA company with more than 20 years of experience. IBS Security helps businesses to secure and keep track of their belongings by delivering anti-theft products and asset management systems.

Should I take a picture?
In some cases, a picture of the label can be of great help. We do not need any pictures of the item itself, just the tag.

What will my e-mail address be used for?
Your e-mail address will be shared with involved parties, and used for communication purposes between finder and owner only.

What serial number are you looking for?
We are not looking for manufacture serial number, but serial number stated on company label. These tags are often equipped with logo or symbol, warning message, contact information, barcode and unique id (serial number). These labels got different designs and sizes, so please upload a photo if you are unsure.

Who will contact me?
You will be contacted by either IBS Security or rightful owner. You will most likely receive an e-mail within 24 hours. If you prefer getting contacted by phone you can leave us a message in the details box.

What details are you looking for?
Details explaining what you found and where you found it can be of great help.